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Margaret Jones

Pilates, pre and postnatal

Each class I teach is rooted in Pilates, with a bit of functional training tucked into every nook and cranny. I’m a little obsessed with anatomy and the kinematics of the body, which is why I try to sneak in as much information as I can into every class, all the while leading you through seamless dance-like transitions


Adapted and rehabilitation yoga

I specialize in yoga for physical rehabilitation, traumatic brain injury, adapted yoga needs, and diverse abilities.

Katie O'Neil

Muscle conditioning, cardio conditioning & Tabata

I specialize in pre and postnatal, sports injury, muscle conditioning, nutrition and weight loss, and golf training.

Peyton Attridge

High intensity interval training

I generally focus on high-intensity resistance training with very little to no equipment. I want to keep heart rates up while also building strength and balance.

Kinjal Jadav

Rehabilitation, pre and postnatal

My style includes using predominantly body weight and other readily available equipment to burn calories, increase strength and improve muscle tone and posture.

Prentice Hollins

Strength & Injury Prevention

My training style goes from basic to expert. I like to strengthen the mind to connect with the body.

Quran “Q” Johnson

Cardio/Strength Training Instructor

I specialize in Calisthenics and Plyometrics

Steven Kaminsky

Personal Trainer

My sessions and classes are designed to combine high energy mixed with fun and a side of learning. This is why I refer to you as students rather than clients. The workouts are tailored to your specific goals and needs with safety always at the forefront. Every workout should end with you feeling better than you started.

Hannah Zieser

Yoga and Meditation

My yoga style is fluid, fun, and fierce! I teach Vinyasa and Hatha yoga, ensuring that classes are accessible to all levels. l I love to teach sweaty, music-inspired, dance-like, fiery Vinyasa classes. I also love to balance things out and take it slow, gooey, and stretchy. You will leave my classes feeling energized and open to whatever the day has to offer.

Pofina Veresyuk

Cardio dance, Pilates and body sculpt

My fitness approach is all about Mind, Body, and Spirit! My pilates and body sculpt are a blend of efficient movement, effective stretching, and control. While my cardio dance includes various levels and styles of cardio that always include a careful breakdown and warmup! It's a Win-Win Workout!

Anne Van Goor


Strength and cardio combined in an interval workout that is effective and efficient. Functional movements fill most workouts to keep you strong for everyday living and adventure.

Aaron MacKenzie

HIIT - Strength

For optimal fitness and performance, I believe in a hybrid training model; Combining classic weight lifting and functional high intensity interval training. Most (home) training videos will be a combination of compound strength movements and HIIT sessions. The goal is to develop muscle and burn calories while improving aerobic/muscular fitness.

Jillian Wilhelm


High intensity workouts have always been my favorite type of training. However, I have really been enjoying weight training lately!

Emilee Harney


In my classes I like to provide unique sequencing while offering clarity in movement. My priority is to be completely present and remain open for my students' needs at any given moment.

Ryan Oszczypok

Muay Thai and Weight Training

Depending on the level of fitness, I like my students to have fun while training as they need to enjoy what they are doing. At the same time, I will always strive to push my students to the best of their abilities as I want them to step out of their comfort zone. Mainly I want them to see results body wise as that always puts a smile on my face. One thing for students to remember is it's not all about training hard, your diet must be up to standard also this helps more than most people know.

Yasmin Harvey

Beginners and Trauma Sensitive Yoga

I gained my 200 hour Vinyassa training through Yoga Vida, New York and I have since completed the Foundational Training online at the Center for Trauma and Embodiment, Boston. My Vinyasa training allowed me a great foundation and my trauma sensitive training completely opened my eyes to a whole new way of allowing people to connect to their body regardless of their experiences.

Keenen Alphonso

(HIIT, Resistance Training and Calisthenics)

My training philosophy is that everyone is an athlete, no matter their goal or fitness level. With that in mind, I tailor my training to each student but primarily focus on HIIT, resistance training and calisthenics.

Raphael Verzosa

General Conditioning and Self Defense

I do a wide range of exercise routines for all fitness goals, priorities and styles! I particularly have more experience in Boxing, Kickboxing and MuayThai martial arts.

Daniel Chandler

Functional Strength Training

I take a minimalistic and brutal approach to performance enhancement training, specifically in the arenas of power and functional strength.