Daniel Chandler

Functional Strength Training

I take a minimalistic and brutal approach to performance enhancement training, specifically in the arenas of power and functional strength.
Five years of experience weightlifting, ten years of experience in calisthenics and parkour, successful middle school/high school athlete (football, baseball, wrestling)

NASM Personal Trainer Certified, NFPT Personal Trainer Certified


Parkour and combat sports introduced me to the fitness-heavy side of sports when I was a kid, and weightlifting helped me continue pursuing that hobby through high school. Fitness remained an interest of mine well into college, so I decided to get certified and share my love for movement with others. I have spent years of trial-and-error working on my own physical skills, and I am excited to share the streamlined results of that learning process with you in the form of brutal, strength-building workouts.

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