Keenen Alphonso

(HIIT, Resistance Training and Calisthenics)

My training philosophy is that everyone is an athlete, no matter their goal or fitness level. With that in mind, I tailor my training to each student but primarily focus on HIIT, resistance training and calisthenics.
Degree in Exercise Science Certification from Ace Fitness


My name is Keenen Alphonso, I’m 28 years old and based in Brooklyn, New York. Staying healthy has always been important for me but I properly took to training seven years ago and have been focused on personal training for the past three years. I like to see each of my students as an athlete in their own way, no matter what their goals are. Ultimately your goals become my goals, and in order for us to succeed in achieving them we need to approach it together as a team. Mixing it up is key so the body doesn’t get too used to an exercise.  I look forward to helping you meet your goals and change your life for the better. 

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