Margaret Jones

Pilates, pre and postnatal

I strive to create a class environment that is both inclusive and empowering. I’m a little obsessed with anatomy and the kinematics of the body, which is why I try to sneak in as much information as I can into every class, all the while leading you through seamless dance-like transitions. My hope is that clients will move through class feeling strong, safe, and inspired and maybe even walk away with a tidbit of juicy information they didn’t know before! Each class I teach will be rooted in Pilates, with a bit of functional training tucked into every nook and cranny.

4 years of personal training and group fitness classes in New York City
Pilates mat certification
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Pronatal Pre/post Natal certified
Postural Respiration Course through the Postural Restoration Institute
I’m a professional dancer based currently out of North Carolina and New York City, but I also love to bike and hike with my boyfriend and my dog 🙂


My name is Margaret Jones and I’ve never known a time where I wasn’t moving. I grew up in North Carolina training as a competitive dancer in multi-disciplines, forever trying to be one step ahead of myself. Upon graduating from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts I hopped over to New York City (as most young dancers do) to pursue my dream professionally. I fell deeply in love with Pilates as it paired so nicely with my dance training and decided I wanted to learn more. Upon receiving my Pilates mat certification from Linda Farrell I began teaching, but the hunger for knowledge never stopped! I soon acquired my NASM Personal Training Certification. Later on I was introduced to the Postural Restoration Institute from which I studied in a specialized course called Postural Respiration. Lastly I completed my Pre/Post Natal fitness certification.
I will always be a student, a mover, and a lover of all bodies. I’m currently living in Raleigh, North Carolina continuing my professional dance and fitness career here and in New York. My goal is to empower every person I’m lucky enough to teach and guide them to their strongest, most efficient moving system.

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