Steven Kaminsky

Personal Trainer

My sessions and classes are designed to combine high energy mixed with fun and a side of learning. This is why I refer to you as students rather than clients. The workouts are tailored to your specific goals and needs with safety always at the forefront. Every workout should end with you feeling better than you started.

I have worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years
both as a master trainer for one of the top health clubs as well as
providing both in-home and virtual sessions to accommodate any students schedule.

I possess a certification from the National Academy
of Sports Medicine with specialties in sports injury and pre and post natal care.

A former collegiate baseball player, 2-time INBF bodybuilding champion and competed in the New York City Marathon. I also host a podcast show called The Steve Squared Show and have just completed my first book.


 I am an advocate of not only having a sound body but mind as well. My parents instilled in me to always be striving to better myself and stay positive and driven. My first passion will always be fitness but I am also a published author and podcast host and producer. I am excited to work with students who are motivated and eager to look and feel better. Let’s go!

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